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You build your own role at Procurify. What do you want your position to look like in two years?

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Typical Answers: I don't know. I haven't really thought about this. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish personally. Then we'll think of ways to make that work at Procurify and whether that is something you would be interested in.

In two years from now, i see my self as an Executive Officer, new generations learned to handle all life pressures as a CEO- operations, logistics, handling their financials ,, educating themselves through on-line learning or universities campus. Marketing today is about the "evolution of products to meet the end-customer demands. End-results are the objective ,, more revenues are the target , larger market-share is the approach and latest technologies are the methodology. Best of luck for everybody however the experience $ objectives may vary.

I see myself after two years as a successful marketing manager working to make profits and profits to make other projects that support us and the company

What brands have you closed in the past

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What's your strategy for change management

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What can you tell me about yourself?

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determine how to deploy earnings between investments & dividend payout, what are some of the considerations?

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I was asked about my customer success approach and methodology

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TopGrade questions - remembering stack ranking and performance metrics from 10+ years ago.

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Wanted to know about my background working with other customers and ability to attract new business. How my background would be relevant to CGI. I was being pursued for this role, so management was trying to attract me. I was more interested in learning about their culture of the company, the management style and potential growth for my career.

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Tell me about a challenging employee

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