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Bank of America
On a demandé à un Senior Vice President, Quality Control...6 novembre 2013

Give a specific example of how you motivate people to do something that they don't want to do.

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Enthusiasm goes a long way. I think a great leader sets example through providing tools that motivate productivity and participation. Explaining why things should be implemented a certain way really helps create trust among team members. Staying open and allowing the team to help design the new initiative also goes far. I like to put as much independence and autonomy in my teams hands as possible so they feel important to the organization. Moins


Why are you looking to leave your current position?

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I am looking to grow my career and knowledge base.

Deutsche Bank

1) If you have ***^@&#^@# lots of mispronounced words*** what would you do?

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Me: Sorry I didn't catch the question. Could you repeat?

Deutsche Bank

2) If you have 2 classes ***@#@#@# more mispronounced words*** what would you do?

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Me: Sorry once again, but I think you are asking me about the abstract factory pattern, is that correct? Moins


Essentially "Can you describe, in detail, what our Advisor View software does?"

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Gave an overview based on the information I'd researched on their web site. Not having ever run the program myself, I was unable to list all of the features in detail. Moins

Morgan Stanley

SQL and Python programming questions.

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Deutsche Bank

3) ***silence*** Actually never mind!

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HCA Healthcare

Several people asked me for an answer to a question that there literally is no known answer for. They said: we don't know the answer, we want someone who can tell us. When I came up with an out of the box answer, they were speechless.

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They downgraded the job from a VP position to a Director position in order to save resources and hired an internal candidate. I felt like I was mislead and that this experience was a waste of valuable time and money. Moins


name of clients i am handling

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I did not disclose names as it is unprofessional


How do you achieve an unachievable task/project?

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If something is unachievable I must determine if it is worth pursuing. I need to make certain that the organizations time and resources are well spent. If there is a learning process that is critical to this then I should redefine my goals for high integrity and sustainability of outcomes. Moins

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