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On a demandé à un Vice President of Manufacturing...17 juillet 2019

Good questions from panel. Mostly behavioral type questions, how to handle people that don't follow instructions. Minimal questions from CEO, he preferred to talk.

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Answered based on my experience.


If I spoke to all of the people you've worked for or with over the last 10 years, what would they all say was your biggest weakness?

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This was a badly worded question because it assumes that you've not improved or changed anything over an entire decade. It's likely there is no thread of continuity over that long a time horizon since people place unique values and priorities on attributes/skills. What one perceives as a weakness, another might view as a strength. (e.g. micromanagement vs empowerment and decentralized execution). Moins

Propel Trampolines

Why did you resign?

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I wanted to relocate and the other did not.


I appreciated the opportunity to deliver a presentation about me, my experience and my leadership philosophy. This allowed me to express myself AND better understand the Salesforce leadership culture 1st hand.

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I provided specific examples from my current job which allowed for a healthy amount of collaboration and discussion. Moins


tell me how you assess manufacturing operations expansion, specifically with cGMP regulations?

Boulder Creek Stone Products

Organizational skills and lean manufacturing. Managing people.


what company do you get your bioreactors from?


How do you provide psychological safety to employees?

AGC Biologics

tell me your process for retaining current and new talent?

Tower Labs, LLC

THey asked why I was looking for a new job.

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