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On a demandé à un Vice President and Assistant General Counsel...27 janvier 2016

Are you willing to travel?

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Sure yes

P.W. Athletic Mfg. Co.

How would you ensure that fabricated products would be consistent.

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I explained the the best way of ensuring that fabricated products would be consistent would be to complete a design review before beginning the fabrication process, and that a prototype should be built to determine fabrication methods. If the prototype meets market requirements, then we would need to construct a jig based on the prototype, locking in all pertinent dimensions with the first article from the jig being evaluated completely before sale. Periodically we would need to measure additional articles to ensure the the product remained consistent. Moins

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

"How much contract revenue can you bring in on the next 90 days (correct answer is $5 million)". Implication-- "how much funded work can you steal from your present employer?"

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Isn't CTC "one of the most ethical companies in America?"

What is your salary expectation?

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Five million dollars per annum The interviewer laughed. It cracked the ice.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why I wanted to move (physical locations).

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That I had been in my current location for more than 10 years, and I was looking to move elsewhere, perhaps to a location where I could have a yard. Moins

Do you really feel for society, Why ?


Some questions we focused on previous experiences in developing teams as well as leadership style and attributes. Overall a good mix of questions and interviewers.


What was the biggest career mistake you're made so far?


Tell me about a situation where you had to make a decision without having all the information you would have liked.


How would you interpret others responses to a given situation

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