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On a demandé à un Motor Vehicles Technician I...3 octobre 2017

What are 5 things that motivate you about coming to work?

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Making the best of a new day, Striving for quality, Safety and environmental science. Moins

Safe environment

Taking on new challenges

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Mercedes-Benz International

Have you worked on cars?

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Yes many

TMS Volvo

What’s your goal in 5 years time?

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Master technician or service manager


What your thoughts on the future of spaceflight.

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I went on about starship and falcon heavy.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Why don't you tell us about you?

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My Work History

Jardine Motors Group

What process would you follow for a complaint?

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Review what the complaint was, who it was against. Was it justified? Was the complainer being reasonable? Moins


How many years of experience do I have working in auto industry. Describe in detail when I had encountered a problem on the job and how I went about it to resolve it. What was the result of the issue that I had encountered and solved. Describe a time when I had a issue with an employee or management and how did I go about dealing with the issue.

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16 plus years of automotive experience ranging from assembly line work, quality control, warehouse inventory, engine tear down and repair, crane operator and a number of other skills acquired as a machine operator and fabricator etc. etc. Moins

Aston Martin

What am I most proud of?

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name a time you excelled in your job

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cant remember

City of Atlanta

how long have you been working in this field

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15 to 18 years

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