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On a demandé à un Validation Manager...12 juillet 2019

What attracts you to Regeneron?

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Growing company, investment in Ireland etc.

Alkem Laboratories

Mostly about diverse background, the site is a recent Indian acquisition and will need much remediation. Nice people, just the poor performance by HR. Quality director is very much human and intelligent--she will make someone a great boss. VP of operations was equally a ver friendly individual.

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I just told them the truth, I have regrettably hit the gray ceiling and i suspect my age now is a factor. Since HR has failed to pretty much do anything he promised, i suspect i didn't get the job, still-not very professional Moins


What is multicollinearity? how you'd identify and address it. What is Gamma and how to calculate it. Explain IFRS 9 and its stages and how to model them.

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google it

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

In depth knowlege of validation. Three of the four intereviewed for managerial styles.

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Validation responses were given to show technical ability and experience with validation principles. Managerial styles were based on specific examples. Moins


Dans quel secteur travaillez vous

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Dans celui de l'aéronautique


Standard questions about Validation activities.

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Standard answers :)

U.S. Pharmacopeia

Do you have a PhD?

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No, I have a MS and the requisite experience according to the advertised job description. Moins


Asking things that my resume didn't indicated I worked. Looked like they did not review the resume before the interview (on-site).

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I answered and explained what I have worked, letting them know that the information of what I have worked or have not were on the resume. Moins


Why do you want to work for our company?

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Company culture and specialisation in an area I'm interested in.


How much is your current salary?

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