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On a demandé à un Transportation Supervisor...9 juin 2022

Describe a scenario when you had to work with an employee to improve their performance.


What is my experience and skill sets.


How much experience did I have supervising others

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I have been in the transportation industry for over 30 years and at least 20 of those years have been in a management or supervisory role. I felt I was more than qualified for the position. Moins


What type of leader are you?

Hampton Roads Transit

How would you go about informing your supervisor of changes or other matters?

Hampton Roads Transit

HRT is open 24 hours a day, are you able to work all shifts?

Hampton Roads Transit

What is your leadership style?

Hampton Roads Transit

What type of supervisor do you prefer to have? (I.e. what is their leadership style)

Hampton Roads Transit

How do you define professionalism?

Hampton Roads Transit

If you are selected for the transportation supervisor position, what would you expect to accomplish in your first six months on the job? How would you go about establishing your credibility quickly?

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