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On a demandé à un Transportation Manager...16 octobre 2012

They are not professional HR people, so you have the opportunity to really direct your own interview. Go in there and dominate the conversation.

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Anything semi-intelligent is acceptable. Don't use big words. It confuses them.

What is the common salary for a transportation manager at your location?

Harbor Freight Tools

My birthdate and I was rejected based on my age

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They asked for my birthdate

If you're under the age of 40, it's not considered a protected class. Maybe they ran a background check on you, and something came up you didn't mention to them. Moins

Liquid Environmental Solutions

Have you worked with Penske repair facility.

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Yes, for many years. I am most familiar with the Carrollton TX facility.

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

Please tell us about a time where a project was not going as planned and the changes you made to get it back on track.

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Not sharing my answer but the core of the interview was behavioral based questions and "tell us about a time....". Moins

Weld RE-8

What do you do if Susie keeps standing on the Bus, what do you do?

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Pull over, radio dispatch, move Susie to the front of the bus

Ryder System

How many direct reports did you have in your previous role?

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EPIC Fuels

The questions were very standard; what are your analytical skills, how do you influence others, are you a self-starter, etc. If you are decently prepared for a conversation you will do fine.

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Obviously not the correct way.


Name a time I had to work with and adverse individual at work?

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I shared an experience with and employee I had to terminate along with the background on that particular situation - that is the decision making process that lead to the termination. Moins


tell me about a time when staffing for a complex program, what were the most significant challenges?

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Hiring while geographical consolidating resourses while maintaing departmental goals. Moins

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