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On a demandé à un Transportation Engineer, Civil...27 mars 2020

Tell us about your education and experience. Why are you interested in this position and what qualifies you.

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Hi - I was interviewed for a ANalyst role and my references were contacted in 3 days too. Can you please share when after references check did the hiring manager call you with the offer, and after how many days the start date was provided? Moins

Did the job require a pre-employment drug screening?

I was interviewed via Webex on March 27th for a Transportation engineer position in Redding . A panel of three, they asked 5 questions. The first question was the same : "Tell us about your education and experience. Why are you interested in this position and what qualifies you." But I haven't heard anything after almost 4 weeks. The panel said they will make a decision within 2-3 weeks. I think they hired someone else. Moins

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Provide A Ride

Do you have any felonies?

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No I dont

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BNSF Logistics

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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This is actually a much harder question to answer if you really think about it because most folks haven't thought about it. Moins

hopefully a new manager

Make more money, retire, and die. Duh!


Are you a careful driver, and can you safely secure a wheelchair in your bus? Then we had to demonstrate our skills in loading a wheelchair.

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yes, I'm a very careful driver

We answered yes, and then gave LCI a demo on our ability to safely load a wheelchair. We also drove around town with a LCI regional rep for a day. Moins

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Why did you apply for this job.

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Needed more money

I have over ten years of experience in lawenforcement; Wants to work with (TSA in Daytona Beach Florida International Airport. Moins


Why do you want to work in this position.

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I want to work for this position because this is related to my job experience. And i want to know more about this job and im willing to learn every thing to this job . Moins

I want this job to shared my ability and how to manage my time to work and followed my superior's I need to work for this job to earn money for my family. Moins


Why is a man hole round?

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cover will not damage tires, and easily moved

A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover may fall in if it were inserted diagonally in the hole. The existence of a "lip" holding up the lid means that the underlying hole is smaller than the cover, so that other shapes might suffice Moins

Darling Ingredients

They are not professional HR people, so you have the opportunity to really direct your own interview. Go in there and dominate the conversation.

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Anything semi-intelligent is acceptable. Don't use big words. It confuses them.

What is the common salary for a transportation manager at your location?


My intro and gave me some situations to answer

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I gave my intro but they stop me in between and asked me why didn't I choose my career in any of my hobbies Moins

Be clear with your question if you want to help someone with your interview experience, describe the question properly Moins

Nexus Services

What is the difference between a criminal and non-criminal

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Tricky answer

The criminal got caught

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