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Alex and Ani
On a demandé à un Training and Development Manager...30 mars 2016

Why do you want to work for Alex and Ani? Bring me through a day at you current job.

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I want to be a part of the culture and philosophy.

I also applied for sr graphic designer and never heard a word. Very unprofessional company. Moins

SCAN Health Plan

I see you have developed technical training, how does that translate to human resource classes like communication or leadership skills.

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Communication and leadership is the beating heart of every organization supported by on going training and development which is undergoing continuous change and advancement. Constant motivation and drilling of education keeps you in a leadership position no matter what position you hold. There are no limits to development, communication and leadership skills. Moins

Instructional designers are trained to investigate knowledge gaps and build training when it is deemed as solving the problem. The process of developing training traverses disciplines so even though the majority of what my team develops is technical training we have been able to apply the same process to a few courses build on soft skills. Moins

Machol & Johannes

Typical Interview questions. Why do you think you are the best fit? Tell me about a time where you had to handle a difficult situation? What do you consider your best achievement? Tell me about a time when you felt like a project went astray and how did you rectify...

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I answered all of these based on my practical experience. In my opinion I really did a great job in answering these. I feel like they were good listeners and provided adequate time for responses. Moins


Salary is always a point of contention with prospective candidates. If I answer to high, will they look elsewhere? If I answer to low, will they go below market value? Instead of the question, it was proposed as more of a conversation. What am I making currently and what would my ideal salary be?

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I was upfront and honest and kept all things under consideration with speaking about package. Moins


All standard questions. Describe yourself. Describe a project, etc.

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(My impression) Director was condescending. distracted, used speaker phone, insincere, and arrogant. Moins

Sunstone Eduversity

How do you bring the out of the box activities to the training experience?

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I explained the various activities and new initiatives i incorporated while in my previous jobs Moins

The Container Store

What is the highlight of your professional career?

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I focussed on my training & people development programs. I talked about the people I hired and how they had developed from an entry level position into a position of leadership. Moins


About your self . Family bagroun

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Vary simaple and confident

Analytic Partners

Why do you want to work for Analytic Partners?

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It reminds me of one of my former clients and I enjoy being a self starter and working in a fast paced environment. Moins

US Army

What are your plans in the next 3 years?

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They asked me this because they always had a problem with continuity. My answer to them was that I was committed to the section for 2+ years before I consider retirement. Moins

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