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Imperial Logistics
On a demandé à Driver Trainer...5 août 2012

How do give in to road rage in our South African roads?

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Always be cautious on the road and be patient with other road users and always follow the rules Moins

I feel it's a huge problem in South Africa if people can be calm when they are behind the wheel our country will be a better place and we must also think about our future driver Moins

I do not see the problem with the interview

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Metro Trains

If you had to rank Safety, Speed and Accuracy in order, which would be most important?

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Safety, accuracy and speeding



Genesee & Wyoming

Will you work on your days off when we call you ... They WILL NOT employ females, or any Ethnic race, NOT AT ALL...

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i prefer my weekends but if you are short staffed, i guess i can

Transport for NSW

What are your weakness?

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I am very flexible to adapting new ways and new things to do my work smartly and quickly. But some time it becomes a problem for me cause, it can gives a competitive feel to my co-workers. Moins


Nothing at all to do with experience in the role. More a manhood contest to see if the can blame you when the time comes

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Offered a jar of Vaseline

Southern Refrigerated Transport

I found no problems applying with this company they were very informed and friendly

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If you are looking for a company to drive for this is one of the best I have found. They are very driver friendly and have lots of miles, you can also make alot of money if you keep your noise clean and the left door shut and do the work.... Moins


What are your views on ScotRail staff as a customer, give an honest answer.

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I explained that I’d only ever had good experiences as a customer but had never really had cause to seek any more than basic service. Moins

Metro Trains

STAR type questions, very much safety orientated. You don't need to know much about metro or trains to get this job, its all about the way you might handle a stressful situation or how you understand and incorporate safety in the work place.

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Using examples from my previous employment and relating them to each question, with emphasis on safety where applicable. Moins

U.S. Xpress

Do you have and felony convictions or DUI convictions?

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No to both .

South Western Railway

Have you ever known a colleague to break the rules and how did you respond?

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I told them I'd tell on them to management. Although this is probably counter intuitive to most, that's what they want to hear you say. Moins

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