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Jane Street
On a demandé à un Trading Desk Operations...10 novembre 2015

Given a number of eggs produced per bird per day how many eggs are produced in x days with y birds.

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Number of eggs produced per day= n days=x birds=y Total eggs produced in x days= (n)(y) Moins


Jane Street

3Q of people gets off bus and seven gets on, and this thing repeats for three consecutive stops, how many passengers are there on the bus at the final stop.

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Sounds like brain teaser. All people get off at final stop.

It said are there. Not a brain teaser since they didn't get off yet.

Infinite number of solutions, however smallest solution is 10

Jane Street

Prob of at lease 2 coins heads up when throwing 3 fair coins

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@What? The questions asks "at least" 2 heads, so there is a fourth instance where we have 0 tails, so it's actually 4/8=1/2. If unconvinced look at the symmetry P(at least 2 H)=P(0 or 1 T)=(symmetry)=P(0 or 1 H)=1-P(at least 2 H) so 2P(at least 2 H)=1 Moins

The idea of symmetry could this problem. 50%

No, it's 3/8. It's the same as the probability that 1 coin will be tails, and there's 8 possible outcomes, 3 possible ways that only 1 coin is tails. Moins

Jane Street

Haircut question

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What does it mean by "haircut question"? Can you be more specific please?

Since I'm an economics major, I had no experience with this and just tried to give it my best guess. Moins

Jane Street

If today is Friday July 8 2022, what day of the week will it be on July 8th 2032.

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I counted that each year the day moves forward by a day in the week. So in 2023, July 8th will fall on a Friday. Then after that I added another day for each leap year. Moins

July 8th 2032 is Thursday


Are you Will to relocate

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it will be a grate pleasure to work in new location.learn their culture,make new friends,etc. Moins

It will be a grate pleasure to work in new location. Learn their culture, make new friends, etc Moins

Jane Street

Two painters take different times to paint a wall. How long does it take to paint a wall if they work together?

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Painter 1 takes time x, painter 2 takes y. Together they take xy/(x+y).

Lagrange multipliers

Jane Street

Probability questions

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how is the salary the offering for this position?

Can you share a few of them?


1) Tell us about yourself? 2) Why this role and why you? 3) Detailed questions about work experiences, skillsets and how that would relate with the work?

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Be honest, be you and always be willing to learn. Along with the skill jazz, portray your personality and the things that you're passionate about. Moins

Jane Street

An analogue clock is displaying the time 5:20. What is the angle between the minute and hour hands?

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Answer is 40 degrees. 360/12 is 30 degrees. The hour hand is a third of the way between 5 and 6 at 5:20 so add an extra 1/3x30. Moins

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