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On a demandé à un Test Technician...8 septembre 2017

If instrument X is having trouble injecting a sample, what is the first place you would check for a problem?

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I was asked about a simple light bulb circuit and how to test it. Also asked about troubleshooting a line of switches in series with 1 open/ not working. Next time I think I will tell them it is stupid and that all switches and bulb or call button would be in Parrellel. It was confusing

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I am older 50's and hope it wasnt age discrimination. I also was offered a job in 1993 but had smoked some pot. Not good. I since havent smoked anything and really hope that that isnt why I am not given another chance. Moins

Pertaining to the switch question: They were trying to get you to say, "you would have to isolate each switch, because a continuity test would be inaccurate in a parallel circuit, and ultimately would not help detect which switch was open/not working." Moins

Actually, the question was for a series circuit. Although, yes, it would be stupid to wiring switches in a series; basically one switch would be directly powering the following switch and so on, rather than splicing the main hot and using a jumper to each switch (i.e. parallel). If said switch actually was stuck open all subsequent switches would not receive any potential( i.e. power). Depending on the scenario, there are a number of possible ways to solve the problem. If all switches are exposed (i.e. testable), then you turn all switches on and you could simply test the output terminal for each switch. Eventually, you would find a switch that is not receiving any power on the output terminal. If you were testing the contacts of a relay you would have to follow the same type of procedure, but you would also have to refer to the schematic to ensure that the contacts are not supposed to be "normally open." If the contacts are supposed to be "normally closed", but they are stuck open it might be due to the contacts simply being stuck open, or there might be a short across the relay coil which has caused the contacts to become open for some reason. Moins


What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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An African or European swallow?

Variables (flight), weather etc. factor in. Can not say for certain.

African Swallow 39 knots

MTS Systems

Tell me about yourself

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I'm a hard worker, quick learner, great team player, love to learn new things, I served 7 years in the U.S Navy, I love challenges, I love the job done right to high expectations. Moins

Summaries my work and education experience


Did you take any classes related to Helium leak detection?

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But if you do faultfinding or leakage test you usauly use soapy water...


Are we hiring a body or a brain? What? no,just kidding!

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I'd say: A brain with a body to convert thoughts and ideas to reality.

of course a brain! my friend. my body is my helper!

ASM Pacific Technology

Why do you want this job?

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I'm willing to learn and excel in new areas, and being a technician is one of them. Moins

Because Basically I am a responsible person , dedicated, willing to learn new works. Fast learner, collaborate with colleagues, positive thinking, Good leadership/decision making,Able to handling/ repairing machines on minor problems .Innovation minded on job for increasing target .Able to planning/control in an emergency situation. Computer skills Microsoft office tools Moins


What work locations and types of work would I be willing to consider?

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I indicated that I could do a variety of jobs but was unwilling to make the trip in unless they were trying to fill a specific position. I'm too busy to run a wild goose chase. Moins

Wise move not to bother with them... their recruiters are required to interview a specific number of people in office per week, regardless if they have an actual position or not. Telling you there were several you might be a fit for is just a lure to get you to come in. Moins

Solar Turbines

Specific questions regarding the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) was somewhat difficult for me since I only had limited experience with it, at the time.

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Control systems in PLC can be preprogrammed and reprogrammed, also reprogrammed on-the-fly, to achieve the required results. Moins

Ladder logic architecture utilizes inputs and outputs both in analog and discrete framework. Moins


If our grasshopper rocket is leaning to the left on decent how much variation in the gyro settings need to be offset accounting for the speed of the earth.

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I dont think they know what they are talking about.

Doesn't it depend on what your latitude is?

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