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On a demandé à un Test Manager...24 octobre 2013

We're hiring testers from India. What do you say?

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Although I am a Pakistani but unfortunately I look like an Indian. Alas, the IT head doesn't like Indians. Moins

Are they have a good reflexes for unfocused situation

Nice share, but just for your information there are no Chinese project managers here so far. Moins

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Have you ever worked in Java?

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Why Continental? Why Continental Singapore? You know what you are doing to do? And why... to follow your answers. Why not doing your software, why come to hardware? Is it common Chinese people work in Singapore for a while when go to United States, treating Singapore as a middle country?

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Maybe some, not all.

Agree, The HR is abysmal. They really need to reconsider getting better ones.

Aker Solutions

General behavioural questions

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No really difficult questions.

TechChefs Software

My aptitude and hand-on programming.

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On system and pen and paper

Polaris FT

Do you have any questions?

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Nothing Specific, Is this new position of replacement of some existing posting, and what are the future prospects of this position Moins

Sterling Commerce

How long would you wait before you fire a team member? Have you ever fired anybody? How would you introduce change in an existing team?

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Answer 1: I dont prefer to fire any employee... iff an employee is intolerable in the org, then i prefer to put him/her in the Performance Improvement Program.... this period range from 3 months to 1 year... then i will take appropriate decision based on the performance shown by employee... Answer 2: No Answer 3: What kind of changes expected in team. 1. Resource 2. Process 3. Operations Moins

OLA Electric

Related to Electric vehicles sales

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I tried my best.

Impellam Group

What is your earliest start date?

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In around 2 weeks time

Welcom Digital

Asked me what I knew about welcom

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I googled them beforehand and gave them that answer

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