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Zensoft Services
On a demandé à un QA Test Lead...27 avril 2019

Question based on Selenium and QTP

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May I know the organization culture and employee orientation of sensory ?

Are they use latest tools set for testing as they asked in interview ?

Is hr policies are in favour of employee


What would you do if management asks you to approve a release with critical defects?

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No, We should not release the application with critical defects. Make sure the management team how the impact of the critical defects in the application without fixing and quality of the product not guaranteed. Moins

Decline to release and ask if I can have time to fix the defects

Cirrus Logic

Signed NDA. The interview questions were typical Testing questions with emphasis on embedded systems.

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Pretty straight forward, if you have worked on embedded testing.

Can you give some background on the phone interview


Some of the questions were centered around my take home coding test and why I choose some of the tools I used.

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I explained my thought processes and why I used Java and JUnit for testing.

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Lead Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) experts who've worked at Marqeta, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Moins

REI Systems

How do you know when you have enough test cases to adequately test a software module?

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It really depends on the amount of time that is available. If there is not enough time, using the list of requirements available, identify at least two test cases (1 positive and 1 negative scenario) for each requirement. If time permits, use more structured techniques like Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis to identify test cases for each requirement. After identifying the test cases, try to normalize them to get the number of adequate test cases to test a software module. Moins


will u ready to do night shifts

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ya i'm ready to do night shifts


How will you test a search engine

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Create 10 text files containing 10 unique words each, total of 100 unique words in 10 files. Create index using 10 created files. Search for one of 100 words and verify results. Relevance testing is more complex and may have 100s of algorithms. Moins


Written test on testing concepts. Difference between UAT and system testing? Test scenarios, SQL queries and joins, selenium codes bits with multiple choices

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With regards to the interview process, this has been tried and tested over 18 years in Australia and our functional, technical, service virtualization and DevOps teams have grown from 600 to 1200+ globally over the past 2 years and into 3 new countries. Every interview you attend will ALWAYS be 1 hour long or more, as the information a recruiter gives will never constitute to what we can discuss face to face, so the fact you are surprised by this tells us you don't get through to many interviews. The technical assessment also deters any of the poor programmers and coders from getting through as we need all levels of consultants to be able to program at a very high level, so this process also shows that your fundamental skills are not what we look for. The fundamentals of testing exam will also gauge your involvement in the full testing process so you have not been successful for many reasons. We wish you the best of luck in your continued search for employment. Moins

False. Many technical consultants within the company are actually subpar programmers. Moins

D. E. Shaw India

Database Index Storage

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Lehman And Yao B+ Tree Algorithm

State Street Syntel

QA, Database, Capital Markets

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Nice, well answered

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