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Skyworks Solutions
On a demandé à un Test Engineering Manager...13 mars 2018

Most of questions are very basic which gives you the feeling of the team is weak and not focused

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Says a TEST Engineer lol. Keep testing low born.

TechChefs Software

Management, testing and people skills

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What % of the time do you currently spend coding?

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Unexpected - this was a Senior Test Engineering Manager position, someone who is to have both managers and ICs reporting to them, and be responsible for developing test strategies and plans for the entire enterprise. Moins

Leica Biosystems

Would you please tell the complete cycle of activity in your testing for a specific product area.

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This involved right from the plan, design of the tests and developing testing based on the strategy and there upon branching to the different levels of testing. Moins


How to manage a team member that doesn't get along with the team?

Foot Locker

All questions were generic based on my resume and my overall experience in terms of people management and hands on experience


Hacker rank test comprising of some API, Test architecture design, Software design like HLD, LLD etc.


General resume related questions. Automation framework questions. Very simple and straight forward questions.


What my plans were for the position in the next 30, 60, 90 days.


architecture review typical coding questions in java OOPS Agile Process

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