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On a demandé à un Test Architect QA Engineer Automation...31 juillet 2023

Creation of framework hands on Coding round Pipeline creation


Tell me about yourself. Why are you leaving your current job?


online quiz: four questions (1 live question, java, selenium, cookies)

Happiest Minds Technologies

Automation Coding, some basic program and scenarios based testing questions.


Where do you want to stand in the next 5 years on both your technical and managerial skills?


Do you prefer Individual task or Team task? How comfortable would you be if switched out

Blue Yonder

1.Window switching between tabs in selenium. 2.Difference between quit cnd close. 3.Java collections related questions.

Denali Advanced Integration

mobile automation end to end knowledge

1 réponses


Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Technical questions about software test engineering and architectures.

Object Technology Solutions

1st round with onsite Director. 2nd round India Head. 3rd with SVP and 4th Round with HR Manager.

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