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Phillips 66
On a demandé à Terminal Operator...16 octobre 2015

How have you handled a certain situation and how was the out come.

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If you use the STAR format most the time you will be fine.


How long I have been in the oil business

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4 years

Genesis Energy

Tell me about your experience in the field. Do you have crane / dock/ terminal experience? Are you familiar with USCG? Do you have a TWIC?

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I answered based on my own experience. Very relaxed interview process, which is why they've been hiring some mediocre talent for a complex operation. Moins

Sprague Energy

Previous experience that was relevant to the position

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Worked aboard a MSC Tanker for 90 days loading/unloading liquid cargo

Accel Entertainment

Do I feel comfortable carrying 50 lbs.

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How far do you live from the job site? When can you take a drug test? When can you start?

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50 miles yes now



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I summarized my qualifications and experiences which was more than the job required. This position has been filled and then reposted at least six times in the last 18 months, illustrating a constant position turnover situation. It appears that hiring selection process is clearly not working. Moins


What would you do if you saw a fellow employee not wearing their PPE?

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Kindly remind them that they are not compliant with the safety standards and ask them to fix the issue. If they refused/ disregarded the reminder, bring the incident to the attention of a supervisor to handle from there. Moins


Describe a time when you were unsure of how to do something? Did you succeed and how did you go about it? Did you take away anything from this?

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I was unsure of how to do..... I took a minute to figure out a few ways to complete the task at hand and I got opinions from more senior individuals based on their judgement Moins

PSC Group

Are you okay with shift work?

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Absolutely, I've worked 13 and 1's before and am comfortable with working such shifts. Moins

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