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On a demandé à IT Security Analyst...26 janvier 2022

Conocimientos y experincia tecnica relacionada con el puesto

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Clara y concisamente a cada detalle tecnico preguantado

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

About my skills in this profile

Edward Jones

Tell us about yourself and your goals.

Delivery Center

qual experiência eu tinha relacionado a vaga

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respondi que tinha o conhecimento apenas teórico e não prático

Westwood Professional Services

What direction are you looking to go with your IT career.


Q: What are the advantages of Agile? Q: What makes a good email? Q: How does your experience relate to this position?

Southern New Hampshire University

Generic "why are you a good fit" questions.


Histórico pessoal, profissional e cases.

J.D. Irving

Tell us about a difficult situation at work and how you dealt with it.


Basics of Java, Oops, semester subjects.

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