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On a demandé à Technical Support Engineer...24 mai 2022

What’s was the latest issue you’ve faced? How you’ve managed to solve it? Whether you’ve solved it? What have you learned from your mistakes?


Create a short guide on how to setup a SAML connector.


Give an example of a long term project you worked on and how you completed it.


Give an example where you provided excellent customer service.


Give an example of a time you went above and beyond for a client.


Have you ever worked with ERP systems before? What were your processes as SCM / logistician?

Self Opportunity

Types of color code in LAN cable?

Computer Generated Solutions

What is the purpose of GPOs?


1. Follow the instructions for "Plaid's Get started with the Quickstart" guide. Answer questions gathered as a result. 2. Solve customer questions where they receive an INVALID_CREDENIALS error. 3. Solve a customer question regarding a user linking the same item multiple times. 4. Solve a customer's "duplicate transaction" error.

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For 2, 3, and 4 the answers can be found in the Plaid documentation. 2: Search "Invalid Credentials" 3: Search "Duplicate Items" 4: Search "Pending and posted transactions" Moins


they asked abouyt my strenghths ,weekensess why should we hire

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I answered well

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