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On a demandé à Technical Support Engineer I...29 décembre 2014

Can you work in a 24 hour by 7?

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When should I start?


some technical and general questions

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up to the point and precise answers


How do you deal with co-workers who aren't doing their job?

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I would not know what my co-worker has been assigned to do, so it's a bit judgemental and presumptuous for me to think on those terms. If I knew the persons job was the same as mine and s/he was not performing it I'd wait till I was asked about co-worker performance before I spoke about it to management..and ask management to be more diligent about worker performance measurements. Moins

Varonis Systems

Q: What would be the email you would send to a client after your phone call?

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I would address the issue at hand, what steps we took to fix it, attach any type of guide or further help if offered by the company (like a pamphlet or how to) and basically follow up. Moins

Westlake Chemical

Describe your past experience in plastic industry

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I just explained what I did in the past

Schneider Electric

What is the voltage for a regular wall outlet?

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If you didn't know how to resolve a customer issue, what would you do?

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Work in conjunction with a senior resource that may be familiar with the issue in order to resolve the problem for the customer. Moins

Intel Corporation

Random commands for queries in SQL

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They asked things like what do the commands actually do


How would you reply to a customer that was having trouble with [WalkMe Feature]

Ipanema Solutions

Some OSI layer two and layer 3 networking questions.

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