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On a demandé à un Customer Booking Agent...27 juin 2022

What interests you about the job?


HR: Normal question Hiring manager: around difficult situation with customers

Exit Realty

What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses.


Roles and responsibilities in previous organisation

Archer Travel Services

When would you be willing to start?

UnitedHealth Group

Do you enjoy selling insurance?

Matthews Real Estate Investment Services

Why are you interested in CRE and many basic questions


Name three values you live by and consider to be your strongest.

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Honesty Transparency Communication Creativity and fairness

Mental Health Center of Denver

When was there a time when you ran into an issue at work and how did you handle it? .... Now give me three more examples


Was asked about myself. What customer service experience did I have? Explain a time when I had an upset consumer and how I handled that. Why should they hire me? It wasn’t hard, just be honest that’s all they want.

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