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NXP Semiconductors
On a demandé à un Systems Test Software Engineer...12 mars 2022

Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller Swap a value with b value without an additional variable


What is polymorphism within C++?

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it is when an operator for example is used differently depending on the contextual application of it. Moins

BAE Systems

Competency-based questions in the video interview. Technical questions in the actual interview. Also some more competency-based questions.


Python program to check if a string is palindrome or not and if the letters can be re-arranged so that it will become a palindrome.

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def _isPalindrome(input_str: str) -> bool: return input_str == ''.join(reversed(input_str)) def _canMakePalindrome(input_str: str) -> bool: """ Checks if current string can make palindrome """ # Sum up occurance of each letter counter = Counter(input_str).values() # Add everything up %2 should be <= 1 summation = sum(c % 2 for c in counter) return summation <= 1 Moins

Vestas Wind Systems

Three things you think you are good at Three things you think you need to improve What do you want to do in five years What is your career direction What tools did you used

Zantech IT

How does your experiences matches the requirements

Northrop Grumman

II was asked some basic data structures questions like linked list vs array list that sort of thing.

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Just brush up on different data structures and algorithms and you should be fine. Also try to review all your projects in great detail because they will ask deeper questions about them. Moins

Axcend Automation & Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd

First round:- aptitude (written test) Second round:- GD

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