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Saratoga Springs
On a demandé à Summer Camp Counselor...8 juillet 2019

Do you like working with kids?

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How would you handle a kid who does not want to participate in an activity?

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I would ask them why they do not want to participate and try to get them to. If they still do not want to I would try to get them to do something similar to the activity so that they are not left out. Moins

University of the Sciences

Are you good working with children?

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Absolutely, especially because I have been taking care of my younger brother who has Down Syndrome since he was a baby. Moins

Coppermine Fieldhouse

How would you handle a child who doesn't want to listen?

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Utilizing verbal communication, getting down to the child's level, making direct eye contact, and talking in a relaxed tone to relay my message to the child. Yelling or issuing time outs is never the option. Moins

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

What are your goal or aspirations in the next few years?

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I plan to continue with afterschool programming and working with kids in small groups at the elementary level. I hope to become skilled enough where I can mentor new teachers Moins

University of Texas at Austin

Asked to create a short lesson plan while interviewer left the room.

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I chose a nature topic that was interesting to me, and my lesson was geared toward 6-grade kids (which I didn't realize at the time). They match you up with the age group closest to the level of lesson you come up with. Thought that was a really nice touch. Moins

The Salvation Army

If I child were to act up while you were trying to teach, how would you go about handling the situation?

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I talked about my experience working in children’s ministry at my church and shared some of my experiences. Moins


why do you want to work here

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because i have some previous experience working with kids and i feel that i would be able to relate to them and understand their needs. Moins


What is your experience with children?

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First my experience us a like teacher in back home than like mom I have three children I'm so kind and save Moins



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I love children and am very patient.

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