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Capital One
On a demandé à un Summer Business Analyst...1 mars 2022

10 changes on socks (no limit)


Why kearney and why consulting


If you were under a lot of time pressure to carry out a data analysis for a client and there was a chance your manager could ask for an extension of a few days. Would you prefer to extend the deadline or meet it and why?

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Case Interview + Tell us about a time you had a disagreement in a team

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Talk about a time when you worked with a diverse team

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- Tell me about an experience where you portrayed inclusive leadership

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How did your team respond to (something I said)?


Estimate the market size of Western seafood in Singapore


Estimate the no. of cups of coffee sold in a Starbucks store in a day

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By using the collected data of high demand days, and the duration of the stock, you can calculate the percentage of stock difference between normal days, and high demand ones. Now that we know the percentage variability between days, we can estimate the mean, variance and standard error of the data previously collected. This way, the day estimate will be the mean of the stock decrease (in the type of day you are trying to estimate e.g. high temand ones) plus/minus the standard deviation. Note: Having the variance of the data and the percentage variability of the demand between days is usefull to add correction factors to the estimation. Moins

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