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List 3 methods used in accounting for investments

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HTM, HFT, Equity method

depends on the type of investment (debt, equity, etc.) and whether the investment represents a controlling equity stake. For debt: held to maturity, available for sale, trading. For equity of 20% but 50%: consolidation.

What is a time where you had an issue when working with a team, and what did you do to resolve it?

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Cases varied in difficulty from medium to hard.

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3 Valuation Method and basic Accretion/Dilution question.

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How would you value a company?

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List 5 non-finance related events that occurred this year.

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Run me through a DCF

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Why does windows lag sometimes when you switch from one window to another ?

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How to join two tables with one to many mapping ? What is "final, finally,finalized" in Java ?

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