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Roberts Company
On a demandé à un Structural Welder...23 octobre 2017

Can you pass a weld test?

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I have passed my MiG welding test so I think I would be able to

Do to the fact that I have experience I would be able to carry out the existing task. Moins

Select Energy Services

Am I state certified.

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Yes I am, I received my welding certification in fairview Oklahoma I took the 6G weld test believe it or not i passed with flying colors. Moins

TIC - The Industrial Company

No difficult questions were posed.

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TP Mechanical Contractors

Are you able to Work for long hours?

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Yes,I am.


What my prior job related experience is.

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I worked multiple welding jobs in the maritime and construction field such as northrop grumman in New Orleans. Moins


Have you ever built anything?

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John Colle tug boat. Margarit Cooper

Newport News Shipbuilding

Why do you want to work here ?

Strom Engineering

My experience as a welder, what process I was more comfortable with.


Why do you want to work with Huntington Ingalls?

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