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On a demandé à un Strategic Project Manager...20 janvier 2017

How would I manage an executive staff member that was holding up a project?

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I stated that I would approach the staff member and discuss the deadline and what I needed from them as ask if there was anything I could do to help facilitate the action/information that I needed. Moins


"Tell me about a time you showed leadership."

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I told a true story while working on a Business Project during my masters studies. Moins

Riot Games

Which role or lane you play most often in League of Legends?

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Just answer with your own experience


According to you, what makes a good leader?

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What are your weaknesses?


I was coming from experience with a competitor and was asked why they should hire me because Lively is not trying to be another company like the competitor where I had worked.

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I answered that I didn't want to work at the competitor either nor create another one, however I knew from experience obstacles and blunders that I could help Lively navigate and avoid. Moins

They asked things like: Tell us about a time when you faced risk and how you dealt with it. Tell us about a time when you failed at something and you how dealt with it.

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I answered all questions honestly about my experience and current work processes. There were no follow-up questions about how I might work in a different environment or any indication of expectations of the work environment at Moins


- Identify relevant experience for the position at hand, focusing on key achievements and learnings. - Provide a step by step approach to successful knowledge transfer between locations in a cross-cultural context.


What is the main product of the company?


What do you expect to receive from here?

Landmark Group

Why do you want to move to Dubai?

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