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On a demandé à un Store Team Leader...20 mars 2010

Do you have a 4 year college degree?

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I think having a group leader with no experience is just wrong ...don't need a 4 year degree to supervise I rather listen to someone with experience than some 4 degree college grad with no experience it's like being kicked in the head when I can't grow with a company u have been with for years Moins

Sounds like you're a bit sour.... You weren't good for the job. Get over it.

I may not have a 4 year degree but recruiter has no retail background what so evr. Moins


Tell me about yourself?

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I am a energetic, responsible, hardworking manager. I have worked for high volume retail stores in which each one I have worked my way from the bottom to the top of the pyramid as you can go. I love challenging myself with each and every task, which consistently makes me better at my work. my passion is working with people making sure they get exceptional customer service and a great experience overall. Moins


Whole Foods Market

what is your weakness?

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being to friendly and kind is my downfall.

I’m a perfectionist

Duane Reade

Our starting salary is $8/ hr and will eventually increase in 6 months with good performance. You are allowed one 15-min break and an unpaid 30min lunch break in a shift of more than 7hours. Will this be fine?

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Big Lots

Was informal, walked and talked about fixing what was broken.

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Talked about freight flow, unloading and getting the product out.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Can you work a flexible schedule?

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Whole Foods Market

They ask you to rank each store and leader based on your visits to the entire room of leaders.

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I asked in what regards to rank them, then gave an overall evaluation as a guest and then possible team member Moins


What experience and qualities do you possess that would make you an asset to this position?

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You can only answer this in your own way, but know this, you need a solid background in retail experience period and have a genuine interest in the health field and think about what it means to you to be able to intergrate the two. You're applying for a position that not only focuses on customer service, cash handling, employee mgmt and leadership but also working in pharmacy to better serve patients and their needs. Moins


Tell me about the last crisis you faced?

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This is a good chance to show that you can work through your people and that you aren't doing it all yourself. Moins


How do you develop people for promotion?

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Aside from traditional IDPs, I commit to my management team that I will have weekly touch bases with them. Usually, these are in-department conversations to correct down trending business or maintain strong business trends. At least once a quarter, I sit with them and do a point by point analysis of their job description to ensure alignment on performance and give them some specific areas of opportunity to work on so that they become as competent as possible for review time and when future growth opportunities arise. I end every 1:1 with the question, "Is there anything that I can do for you?" Moins

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