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On a demandé à un Store & Warehouse Supervisor...9 avril 2017

How you can manage or handle the work pressure.

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I have to work pressure I handle to softly and gently

I believe that we can control pressure with team work,discipline and good communication with the team Moins


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Watsons International

Why should we hire you?

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Because I am qualified for the position that I'am applying for.

I am a proactive, innovative and has a high sense of ownership individual

The Salvation Army

Why should the company not hire the other applicant.

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I told them I would not downtalk any other applicants.

so how much are you being paid for this position?

Why should we hire you?

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I want to join a well organized and prestigious organization expecting a better career growth and personal grooming with a satisfying remuneration and with opportunities to show my real attitude and knowledge and if i will get proper appraisals time to time then i want to be a part of this organization for a long time. Moins

Have you got great communication skills?

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Yes ofcourse I am a conversationalist.

Bon-Ton Stores

basic customer service questions about previous work experiences

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basic customer service answers

Larsen & Toubro

why left previous job?

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Mamas & Papas

Tell me about a time you delivered excellent service ?

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Talk about your companies Net Promoter Score M&P use a system called Baby Talk. The company are looking for someone who will manage to satisfy a customer but ensure they protect the company margins at all cost Moins

Bunnings Warehouse

Why did you want to undertake the role

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I enjoy leading a team and helping the team achieve theirs and the business goal through support and training. Moins

Marks & Spencer

What would you like to see when you’re supervising the store? What would you not like to find?

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Standard information about maintaining cleanliness and order. Perhaps I missed a detail Moins

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