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What are you career aspirations?

11 réponses

I have a good experience to convince the customer

I would like to book a interview with the company

I love to work talking with people alone and with team

Ho would you approach people in a grocery store?

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How can you sense the mood of the customer you are dealing with? Give me an example of a time where you have successfully handled an irate customer? The customer is pointing out a big mistake with their order, what do you do?

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What would you do if some customer came at your closing time? Will you attend him or let him go because you are closing?

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How you reacted to negative customer feedback

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Nothing unexpected at all. All extrememly basic questions. I suppose that would be the difficult part - trying to come up with different answers for the same questions to each job you had!

2 réponses

Why do you want to leave your current postion

2 réponses

Do you feel you can take this responsibility?

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They are very sticky with you being mobile

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Tell me about your previous experience

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