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R.R. Donnelley
On a demandé à un Creative Services Project Manager - In-Store Marketing...17 août 2017

Are you still interested in the job?

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I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Moins


Described my work experience?

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Read my resume to her and explained where I worked.


how to manage a big team

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communication and team work


Make good money?

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Yes! And retirement plan is 401k


Company knowledge

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I was prepared about the company vision, the difference compared to competitors, such as own install team etc. Moins

J. Crew

Particular motivational methods or tools

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All about getting people to buy into the "why" of the job. You can show anyone "how" to do a job, but the moment they appreciate the underlying philosophies, you have a damn fine employee. Moins

Spence Diamonds

Where do I see myself in the future?

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In a Senior Management position.

bebe stores

They kept concentrating on the fact that I had not specifically managed the skillset of the employees I would be taking on and wanted to know how I could possibly be effective.

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My answer was that I had previously held several leadership positions where I was not versed in the skillset of the team and was always successful at overcoming this by being honest and being a leader, that is, one who supports her team without reservation and ensures they have the tools and support to excel in their objectives. Moins


There were no questions asked since there was no interview.

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I didn’t have to answer any questions.


Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your career.

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