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R.R. Donnelley
On a demandé à un Creative Services Project Manager - In-Store Marketing...17 août 2017

Are you still interested in the job?

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I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Moins

J. Crew

Particular motivational methods or tools

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All about getting people to buy into the "why" of the job. You can show anyone "how" to do a job, but the moment they appreciate the underlying philosophies, you have a damn fine employee. Moins


Described my work experience?

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Read my resume to her and explained where I worked.


how to manage a big team

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communication and team work


Make good money?

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Yes! And retirement plan is 401k

Spence Diamonds

Where do I see myself in the future?

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In a Senior Management position.


Company knowledge

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I was prepared about the company vision, the difference compared to competitors, such as own install team etc. Moins


Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your career.

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There were no questions asked since there was no interview.

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I didn’t have to answer any questions.


How do you motivate others?

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Positive reenforcement and ensuring non bias judgement for all ie no favortism

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