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International Renewable Energy Agency
On a demandé à un Statistics...14 octobre 2020

Why would you like to work for Irena?

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I would like to work in Irena because this is a reputable company in UAE. And I m also looking for new opportunity. Moins

I already worked for lots of company. I don't have any progress and also saving even I do my all hard work. But in Irena I saw my future. And I think I can make my future bright and successful in this company Moins

City of Mississauga Canada

What would you do if you had to choose between pleasing a customer and obeying policy? Why?

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I would try to the best of my ability to do both.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

What is your salary range? (recruiter)

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I responded, "what is your budget?" She said it was between $58,000 and $62,000. I said that was in my range. Moins

National Agents Alliance

The most difficult question had to be where I saw myself from within the company. Initially it's hard to say because of the atmosphere in place already. You have to be here to feel things out before you can truly know if you fit in.

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I am an outgoing person with I believe good customer service skills which help extremely in this type of atmosphere. An emphasis is placed on the overall concept of the entire company. Moins

Intel Corporation

given 2 variables that hold integers, a and b, write pseudo code that replaces them without using another variable. After I answered they asked a follow up question - the same, but without using "+" operator

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for the first question: a <- a+b; b<-a; a<- a-b; for the second question (if both are non zero) a <- a*b; b<-a; a<- a/b; Moins

MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Why did you leave your previous job?"

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"I was forced out" because of downsizing --- which is true. In retrospect I wonder if that answer looks to them like I was fired? Moins


What is your biggest weakness.

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Try to find a weakness that could be turned into a positive, and one that does not affect your job performance by a lot. Moins

BC Cancer

How would you manage multiple concurrent projects?

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Prioritize wisely, and speak with supervisors if unable to complete given time constraints. Moins

European Central Bank

Personal presentation

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What are your IT skills


The questions were moderate.

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If you know your subject well the interview won't be tough

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