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Compare and contrast: Semaphore versus Mutex.

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Not necessarily the hardest but the only one I remember from the interview. Look it up on Wikipedia if you don't have this one off the top of your head.

A mutex is a binary (2-state) semaphore.

Programming questions. How to find the only singular integer in an array consist of random pairs of integers.

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What was the most recent project about? What was you personal contribution? Do you have experience with data modelling, and what was the project exactly?

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Describe career development?

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System Design Parking lot/Ticketing

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What do you do if a project is running late and you will not meet all of the customers requirements?

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In coding one simple coding , second one is mostly to detect the bug and third one was a typical sql

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Design question: extend the system we have here, with these features.

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How to design a system to migrate an existing API without breaking external clients to it?

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