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Golder Associates
On a demandé à un Staff Scientist...12 mai 2011

I guess not really a question because I was not asked - but several times the same person said she did not think I would be happy there.

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After answering the concern earlier in the interview process I did not know what to say by the end when it kept coming up. I did not think any answer would have changed her mind. Moins

That seems like a very odd and unprofessional thing for an interviewer to say. Even if it was a casual observation on the interviewer's part, I can't see it having any place in an interview for a career-level position. Moins

Based on your parallel to a candy store, I would imagine that the “you won’t be happy here” to mean, we can’t pay you what you’re expecting (ergo, you won’t be “happy” here). I had a very similar situation, I was over qualified for the position but had just moved cities. I was willing to ‘start’ somewhere, but they were skeptical whether I would stay long term, because they knew they couldn’t pay me what I was worth at the time. Moins


some technical questions regarding that position

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It was OK.

J Craig Venter Institute

A lot of us on the team surf, do you?

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No. However, I enjoy watching others surf.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Questions about my research and about my ideas

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Just having a lot of fun


What would your last employer say was your greatest weakness?

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taking on too much responsibility at once

Tell us how your experiences could help in this role?

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Describe strengths

Engineering and Land Planning Associates

Describe/summarize my background and experience.

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I gave a quick chronological review of my resume, but focused on scientific design and project management experience gained while earning my most recent degree. Being able to describe a mix of tangible hard skills as well as concrete examples of my work ethic/initiative helped me answer that question. Moins


Do you find that organization is important.

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If given the resources to pursue any research angle at the company, what did I see as a critical direction to advance the field and address their biological/medical question.

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I discussed the potential to continue my research and its feasibility at their institution. They seemed pleased with my answers. Moins


regular questions about ml, stats, like bayes theorem, stats tests and general assumption for solving linear regression, MLE/MAP

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the theory is covered in almost every book or course of math, stats and general ml Moins

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