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What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand on a clock when it is 3:15?

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7.5 degrees

I think it's more likely 0degrees

90 degree.

What would you do if the item is sold out, your customer wants it, and someone else just put it in their basket?

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very straight forward questions

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they asked basic programming questions

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First Q was something about why I want to join HS or something about what do I know about HS?

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No questions relevant to the roles were asked.

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Tell me one thing in your career or education you've been the most proud of. (This seems very specific to the Store Leader in question though).

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You are working at a coffee house, and a customer comes in who says she overpaid the previous day and wants her change back. What do you do?

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About my experience and journey so far?

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Interview consisted of a mix of behavioural, situational, hypothetical and open ended questions. Informal and casual approach. Seemed 'off the cuff' and not following interview guide or set of standard questions. No structure or flow to the interview questions either.

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