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On a demandé à un Solar...23 septembre 2022

How are you doing today?

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I said I was doing good


Questions mostly revolved around my experience in the past. They asked me to discuss solar dev experience. They also asked me about what I had been learning in the industry lately.

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Of note, two interviews involved discussion regarding learning. When i told the director I read roughly 30 books per year, he was intrigued, stating that the role involves a lot of need to learn new things and requires a desire to learn. I also talked about what I had learned of the recent inflation reduction act and how it affects the ITC. Moins

Vision Solar

What made you interested in the Solar Industry, what is your work hour availability, previous work experience, and do you have any experience In the Solar industry

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Wanted a career change, friends in the industry made me interested, Full time availability, No previous experience in the Solar industry, previous work experience: Stock Trading, Bartending, small business owner. Moins

Source NRG

I’m I capable of completing this job?


Preguntas sobre el porque de mi candidatura para el puesto, y experiencia,

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Transparente y de manera efusiva, ya que realmente tengo muchas ganas de empezar con ellos. Moins

Solar Energy World

What experience do you have

The Energy (CA)

What is the most challenging thing you had to overcome in the workplace

They mainly asked questions regarding my personal work experience.

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With truth and honesty.

Blue Raven Solar

What is your experience in sales? What's your backstory? Can you work full time (30-40 hours a week)

Blue Raven Solar

What was my prior work experience.

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