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Sungrade Solar
On a demandé à un Solar Consultant...5 juin 2017

What trait do you get from your dad and your mom

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What are you living behind to come work here.

If I knew who my dad was that may be possible to answer. Thanks mom


What do you know about Sunrun? What are you doing after 5 years?

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Interviewed on Friday. Offered on Monday.

Did you get the job right on the spot or they got back on you ?

Code Green Solar

What goal do you want to accomplish with in the next year?

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I want to purchase my first family home before Christmas.

I would like to dedicate myself achieving the company higher goal with Technical and managerial skills. Continuous learning is the key for success and It will be my honour to serve the great nation in renewable energy sector. Moins


wat en waarom verkoop

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stel 25 mensen zie je hoeveel schrijf je er en als je er gechreven hebt kun je die indelen in type verkopen Moins

EcoMark Solar

You will be asked about your knowledge of solar energy. Also, what other solar companies have you worked for, the answer is none.

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Make up anything, theyll have no clue if you're right or not, just be confident and study up a bit before you go in. There's magazines in the lobby you can read while you wait that will get you qualified enough. Just have a can-do attitude. Moins

Hanergy Holding

How do you stay motivated during quiet times.

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Looked for other ways to attract business.

OnForce Solar

How do you deal with customer complaints on delivery issues

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Simply explain the process and how the NY DOB works in their process

Next Step Living

A customer says "Let me think about it"

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That is interesting, tell me more ....

NRG Home Solar

The gentlemen didn't ask me any questions. He commented that if I sold at Next Step Living I was qualified for the job with NRG Home Solar.

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I said great and took the job.

Verengo Solar

Tell me about yourself

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Well that Im an effective closer with millions of dollars sold under my belt. they loved it and hire me on the spot! Moins

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