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How do you design a simulator?

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Can someone please describe this?

Does anyone know answer of this question ?

Asked me if I knew any NoSQL I said not really. Then asked me how do I design a database model if Fields of each Record in table A's is not set before implementation and could be subject to change in the future.

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Determine if array has duplicate elements or not.

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What information is contained in the dump files? What tools/process to view dump files? What are the performance monitoring tools in Windows/Linux? What's Java's garbage collection process?

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What is good communication?

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I was given a "no right or wrong answer" conundrum. You're working on a critical outage, millions of dollars at stake, and your supervisor needs you to complete some document that only you can complete. And, nobody is available to take over the issue while you compete the document. What do you do?

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In your own opinion, tell me what customer service means to you.

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Gave me 30 minutes to complete a C++ test

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Describe a previous coding experience where I could not meet my objectives. What were they, what did I do?

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