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Questions d'entretien de software engineer internship partagées par les candidats

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How does C# handle memory management ?

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Memory is automatically manage and cleaned with the garbage collector

heep & stack, ref var&value var, gabage collector, unmanaged resources&managed resources, finalize&dispose

Create a function that flattens a nested dictionary

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How to create a class in any language?

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Other questions included: A time where you found it difficult with a project and how you worked through that? What would you do if you found that your work is redundant? (I told them I would go to the manager and let them know, sometimes being a yes-man is not what they want, and its really not what you want. Although maybe they do need a yes-man, in my case I was lucky). What do you know about our company?

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Technical question on a white board: make an algorithm that parse a text and extract specific information (dont remember exacly)

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Why did you choose this particular IMU on your robotics project? Why didn't you use something capable of X?

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What was the hardest project you worked on?

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Given a list containing the centers (on the x axis) and diameters of a number of balloons, determine the minimum number of darts you need to throw in order to pop all the balloons (you are throwing darts vertically, perpendicular to the x axis)

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Before interview: develop a small program with a simple UI using whatever language you like . During the interview: given additional parameters, expand on the design/implementation.

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