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Given an array of integers and k, print all the pairs of numbers (a,b), both of them inside the array, such that a+b=k

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Sort the array, and then binary search k-a[i]. This is NLogN

RUBY: a = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0] len = a.length num = 7 for i in 0..len-1 for j in 1..len-1 if a[i] + a[j] == num print "(#{a[i]},#{a[j]}) \n" end end end OUTPUT: (1,6) (2,5) (3,4) (4,3) (5,2) (7,0) (0,7)

Reverse a string in a matrix in place. you are given the direction and length of the string.

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Hardest question was how to sort a linked list using recursion only. I knew the iterative solution but couldn't come up with recursion. Very difficult.

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Problem solving: 25 horses, you can race 5 horses every time, and in each race you can know the rank of the 5 horses, but not know the exact running time of each horse. Find the minimum times needed to find the 3 fastest horses among the 25.

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Given the steps for new users to register their number and downloading the app on the website, what would you test at every step.

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Question was about whether or not i am a quick learner.

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Coding challenge: give a number and return the sum of all the prime numbers equal to all less than the given number

Coding challenge: find the index of the first number matches a target number, and the number of the numbers that eligible.

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