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Write me a program that does ... with recursion in it. In java or C++.

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public void dot(int n) {dot(0)=0; return dot(n-1); }

int fibonanci(int x){ if(x==1){ return 1; } else{ x = x*fibonanci(x-1); } }

int fact(int a) { return (a>1)?a*fact(a-1):1; }

Problem solving: 25 horses, you can race 5 horses every time, and in each race you can know the rank of the 5 horses, but not know the exact running time of each horse. Find the minimum times needed to find the 3 fastest horses among the 25.

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Question was about whether or not i am a quick learner.

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If you found a bug but the developer said it working fine, what would you do?

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Algorithm questions in general. Hamilton Path.

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2 eggs dropped from 100 floor building. find out at which level they break.

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Something for Amazon from Cracking the Coding interview (I dont remember). How would you go about testing the physical keyboard?

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Diff between java and c++, SQL: delete.

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Asks mostly about work experience

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1. Write a program to compare weather of two different cities. Call weather info API and use city names at command line as inputs and display output in 2 words good/bad weather. 2. Read a JSON file and arrange the output according to given criteria.

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