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On a demandé à un Shipping/Receiving Manager...17 octobre 2016

Are you able to manage staff?

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Did you ever make a mistake? (Seriously) What was your biggest challenge? (Asked this question several times in different formats, trying to catch someone in a lie???) Asked general scripted questions, nothing challenging, the interviewers could not go off script and think on their own.

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Answered with generic answers to generic questions.


Experience, cost saving ideas.

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Based on my background


General, boring, and typical script interview questions. Asked the same questions over and over in different formats. Asked if I ever made a mistake? (Seriously? Who hasn't) Interviewers could not think outside of the scripted questions.

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Generic questions asked, generic answers given. The interview was a waste of time but a good learning experience recognizing bad interviews and poor companies. Moins


Are you okay with making decisions?

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I think that the ability to make decisions is a gift. You can count on me to be able to explain myself whether the decision was right or wrong. Moins


Can you work flexible hours?

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Yes, First, Second, or Third shift is okay.


Why you want to leave your current job?


There were no interview questions they just talked to us about our new titles and grade levels but no salaries were effected.

Blue Nile

If you got the job what would you do in your first 30 days.


What was my leadership style and how I apply it to my team

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