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On a demandé à un Shipping/Receiving Clerk...16 janvier 2017

Talk about you self? Number these words from 1 to 3, Quality, productivity, safety. Where did you work before? I didn't get the job, I am over qualify

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Safety fast

Good morning Sir, SAFETY is safe to our life. If any WORK I make the SAFETY Routine no chance for ascendant. Moins


What experience do you have how long

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That person was not the supervisor 35 years ago. There was a reason why they let that supervisor go in the first place, and the reason you were given is 100% BS. Moins

Trader Joe's

why are you here today?

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I didn't want to sound desperate & answer back that I need a job.

I need job please

J.G. Boswell Co.

They asked which job would I feel more comfortable with between two openings.

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Either one would be satisfying as long as there was room for growth.


What is the most important factor on the job?

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Customer Service!

Describe a time you had to deal with a disgruntled customer?

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Provided an example from when I had to work at Target

Taylor Corporation

What I thought about the job?

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Seems like a great place to work. Fast paced.

Travel Traders Hotel Retail

Why do you want to work for our company?

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Because I’m looking for a new company in which I will be welcomed into with open arms. A company I can grow and excel in Moins

WOW Logistics

Describe an instance where you either were disciplined, or had to discipline someone else.

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I had no answer. This was not something that fell within my experience.

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