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On a demandé à un Shipping & Receiving Coordinator...22 octobre 2015

will I be able to start right away or will I need to give two weeks notices.

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I able to start right now


I'm ready to start working immediately and happy to hear from you at any time; and, I heartfelty thank you for any consideration you may grant me Moins

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Could you tell us about a time you encountered a problem at work and how did you resolve the situation?

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I was put into another department that I didn't know. To help make things go smoothly I asked it they could label pipes according to size to assist me better working without having to stop and ask what pipe was what. Moins

Take decision with higher officials

I simply answered based on my reaction to the particular incident.

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Burlington Stores

Are you open availability ?

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Sam Carbis Solutions Group

Can you work overtime

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Consolidated Electrical Distributors

What are some of your weaknesses? Some of the personality tests were just tedious and unnecessary.

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Always a tricky question. Just emphasize on something you are working to improve on. Moins

I can't stop my self if I have unfinished work


Talk about you self? Number these words from 1 to 3, Quality, productivity, safety. Where did you work before? I didn't get the job, I am over qualify

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Safety fast

Good morning Sir, SAFETY is safe to our life. If any WORK I make the SAFETY Routine no chance for ascendant. Moins

Lakeshore Learning Materials

Why did you decide to work for us?

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My cousin and brother had worked there so i just told them that.

It would be a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally with a proactive approach having more than 20 year experience Moins

O'Reilly Auto Parts

How would you feel if you got to work and were told you weren't needed for the day; go home.

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Im a very deciated employee, so if I came in and was told to go home it would be based on what had happen , I would not be upset if something might of happen on the way but not to notifiy me at all probley would upset me. Moins


What experience do you have how long

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That person was not the supervisor 35 years ago. There was a reason why they let that supervisor go in the first place, and the reason you were given is 100% BS. Moins

Integrity Staffing Solutions

You had to pick your schedule and advise them that you would work

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Chose the schedule

Iam ready to work everyday of the week and additional hours if necessary

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