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On a demandé à un Senior Graphic & UI/User Experience Designer...24 mars 2019

Do you how to use Adobe XD

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How you become a UX/UI designer.

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The challenge to turn a ideas and concepts into a unique visual identity, who ill attended the customer demand Moins

I had a background in arts and had a passion for the digital world and technology, so I decided to mix them together. Moins

Bit Canny

Why fonts look so small ?

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Reason, when I took screenshots from the app, unfortunately the device font size was in tiny mode. Moins

Client Resources

They asked about my experience with certain software and the previous work I'd done at other jobs.

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I told them how much experience I had with Adobe CS and the type of things I had done at previous jobs. Moins

Condé Nast

1. How do you define UX/design? 2. What is your design process? What are some apps or websites that you love?

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1.Focus on crafting a unique and specific definition that sheds light on who you are as a designer. Use this also as an opportunity to tell a story that provides context for your design perspective. However you define UX, make this a chance to add something personal. I focused my definition around empathy and the importance of understanding the people I’m designing for. It allowed me to touch on my background in psychology, allude to past experiences I had doing anthropological research, and brought to light the importance of designing human-centered experiences. 2.Everyone has a different design process (and that’s okay). What will matter is your ability to describe your process and explain the rationale behind your approach. It’s a good idea to have a standard ‘go-to’ process in mind, yet it’s important to acknowledge your design context. Different UX situations inevitably call for different UX processes. It’s a strength to understand your environment and determine a process that’s best fits for your situation. Ask your interviewer for specifics. Respond to a particular design problem the company is facing or talk about a process you have used in a particular situation. Through all my processes, my one constant is to ask the right questions before designing. It frames the way I approach a problem and guides me toward the appropriate UX strategy and tools going forward. 3.When thinking about this question, consider your audience and have a range of apps/websites that can demonstrate a diversity of aspects you find important to design. When I was interviewing, I chose SquareCash, Lyft, and — all experiences I loved for different reasons. SquareCash represented simplicity in design. It made money transactions painless and solved a problem I didn’t realize I had. Lyft represented a peer-to-peer service that was trust-worthy and delightful and leveraged local communities to foster sharing in my hometown (San Francisco) and beyond. represented a platform for community at scale and had provided a tribe for me no matter where I was in the world. While touching on UI elements, try to paint a picture of your values as a designer. By choosing apps/websites that highlight your interests and elegantly solve your pains, you’ll make a memorable impression. Moins

Native Instruments

I've applied to a Senior UX/UI Designer position and they asked me what I would do if my position would become only UX.

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I've answered that, since I had applied to a UX/UI position, it's because I would like to do both things. Moins


Do you consider yourself a UI Designer or UX Designer?

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Both. But I'm more into brainstorming how the UX works for the user. (Careful with this question) They already have a UI Designer, so say UX. Moins


What are you looking to make?

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Ask for less than $90K

Orange Mantra

Mr. Vinit sir asked me tell what is your domain designing or front end developing?

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I only said sir m good in both and i can't judge myself in this, but if you will see my work and give me a change definitely you really love my work. Or mei to coding bhi design kar deta hu. lol Moins

Can you do the work you said would take 9 months in 3

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Yes! but it wil walk and feel like it was done in 3 months

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