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George Weston
On a demandé à Senior Treasury Analyst...11 août 2017

What is your most significant achievement

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I elaborated a role where I saved company some significant money.


Describe a time when you had to be constructively direct.

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In managing a team wide effort to update global bank account signers, cross-collaborative efforts were being dropped or mis-handled due to lack of clear communication and expectation. By sitting down with the two individuals most impacting the issues, we were able to create a clear communication plan to level set expectations and clear timelines for when tasks should be completed. Moins

Taylor Morrison

Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years?

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I see my self either owning my own business or with a company managing and teaching people to do what I do. Moins

Banner Health

Tell me a little about yourself and background

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Went over career background


Gave two 'pen-and-paper' exams about Excel VBA & SQL. In VBA, they gave a code and told me to explain the effects of running it, the errors involved, and how to debug it and correct it to run properly. In SQL, they gave me an exam paper with three tables and questions regarding linking this and extracting that with criteria.

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I answered both of them well. In VBA I explained why the code will not work and how to fix it by finding it out by debugging. In SQL I wrote down all the codes and linked it to each of the tables to yield the right answer. Moins


The questions were mostly around Treasury, my experience and what would make me want to move to a startup.

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Based on my experience in Treasury, I was able to detail out the vision I would have for the company. Regarding working at a startup I went through my experience working in small family companies that operated in a similar manner. With my desire for a challenge in my career and willingness to work hard I would be a good fit. Moins

Quest Software

Standard Interviewing fare: Walk me through your resume. Why do you want to work in Tech? Why do you want to work at Quest. Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult co-worker and how you resolved that situation. Tell me about how you worked on a project with a team across multiple departments on a project.

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Personal anecdotes - have a bunch ready.

Motorola Solutions

If you had a fuse that takes 1 minute to burn and burns evenly on each side, how would you get the fuse to burn in 30 seconds?

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Light both ends

General Motors (GM)

There were no unexpected questions but some quirky ones : Why does a Tuxedo rent less than a rental car? Which car would you buy with $ 50,000 (does not have to be a GM car)

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The salary range mentioned was Basic salary of $ 87,000 pa + bonus + 4% contribution + upto 11% bonus approx upwards depending on your experience Moins

Dow Jones

Is this a newly created position or was it added due to growth or someone leaving?

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It was due to 2 employees retiring.

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