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On a demandé à un Senior Systems Analyst...3 septembre 2022

They asked about how I’ve used my skills in previous roles to solve problems.


What things are important to me as an employee.

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Feeling a sense of belonging to a cohesive team. Flexibility with my schedule. Having freedom to take initiative. Moins


Questions related to SQL, Big Query, Power BI and .Net.

JFR Staffing

General work/life balance, company information, job duties, past experiences, job skills relevance.

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Answered to the best of my abilities and experience.


How do you feel about customer support?


Mostly related to work I had done in past and basic Oracle application knowledge. One advise would be read the job description properly.

Wells Fargo

Tell me about Agile? Define it.


Q2: Is it better to have employees focus on just projects or just maintenance, or is better to have employees become subject matter experts that work on. both projects and maintenance?


What should happen when UAT fails?

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