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Charles & Keith
On a demandé à un Senior Supply Chain Manager...7 février 2018

About local market knowledge and competitor activity

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Interviewer was jet lagged and often asked the same questions twice or changed the subject, seemed very confused. Moins

the LEGO Group

To describe a situation where I had challenged ways of working and made changes.

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I gave an example of where I had worked with an inter-group company to increase order frequency, thereby reducing lead-times and total inventory held in-market. Moins

Cooper Standard

Take calls in middle of night

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Smiled and said yes..... But too far in my career to be taking a backward step Moins


What's more important cost or service?

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JnJ values Service first.


Nobody gives a s*** about the tools you built, why do it?

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I did it to help them learn how useful it will be.


The interview utilized STAR format questions.

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I answered them appropriately, describing the Situation / Task / Action / and Result. Moins


Was given a vague case study and a 30-60-90 day plan

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Was very little background information on the project. But used specific numbers and milestones. Moins

Bharti Airtel

Explain your role in the previous organization. A brief descrption of your profile. Details on the previous roles and how you can contribute to the current role.

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My previous company name is Satya microcapital Ltd. It is microfinance company. Loan provided in woman groups and EMI collection every loaners. One year Experience is FMCG company aspire industries Ltd. Manage distributer and retailer. Moins

Johnson & Johnson

What is the difference between R square and adjusted R square?

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R.sq adj is for long term considering inherent process variability


What was the last item you purchased? How would you forecast the annual demand?

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This was the curveball question by the knucklehead mentioned above, but on the spot walked through population for region, asset turnover, market share, rough sales and inventory levels needed. Used rough round numbers to simplify exercise. Interviewer spends next 10 minutes questioning my logic by googling the actual figures, then using a calculator to tell me how much I was off by. I started laughing and knew this position wasn’t for me. Shortly after, the interviewer hung up without allowing me a rebuttal. Moins

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