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On a demandé à un Senior Software Engineer In Quality...16 octobre 2014

On Site: Given a huge file, find duplicate strings and return how many times it appeared. Given a table of employee and salary, find the highest salary in each department.

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sort FILE | uniq -c

SELECT max(S.Salary), E.Department FROM Employee E INNER JOIN Salary S ON E.empid=S.empid GROUP BY E.Department Moins

American Technology Consulting

Java Strings and FileReader questions

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Small piece of code.

Hi bro, what were the queations asked in the written and system tests. Please let me know. it will be help ful Moins


Using C code write a routine to find a 32 bit frame start sequence in a raw byte stream buffer.

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Wrote code to perform the task taking care to understand byte alignment issues.

Let buf be the buffer, BUF_SIZE be it's size, ref_frame be the reference frame int i = 0, j = 0; while(i Moins


they asked about mostly, 802.11r, 11ac-wave2

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Cleared all 4 rounds and got an offer

Do they need automation as mandatory


Prepare a presentation covering past projects as well as taking them through how I came up with a solution to a test automation task I was given as part of the meeting invitation.

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Can you share some of the questions, which they asked and some test automation scripts you created, Will be really helpful to prepare in such a way. Thanks for the help in advance. Moins

I spent quite a while on the presentation as well as the project solution, at least 4 days, so if you get one of these interviews please do the preparation, it will really pay off. Intuit is serious about test automation and they will ask you in-depth questions about the tech stack and other architectural details. Moins


Mostly some string manipulation.

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Ok, but looking at what I had done so far, it was very annoying to answer these type of questions. But I kept it cool :) It is funny how they miss on some of greatest talents based on a question about string manipulation. It is more like asking a professor to solve a fifth-grade question using what the fifth grader knows at school. Most the time they will fail. It didn't bother me not getting the job at all. It is just their loss. I have at least four other great opportunities with companies who appreciate my real-life significant accomplishments that I can choose from. Moins

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Snowflake Senior Software QA Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Moins


Basic Selenium Questions TestNG Related questions Framework Related Questions

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Using C++ code, write a linked list insertion method.

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Wrote code to perform the task

What do you know about the company?

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Not much.

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